Atlas of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria (APPB)


The atlas presents a database of field symptoms caused by plant pathogenic bacteria in different crops.

The main aim of the atlas is to provide pictures that can help people involved in different but related aspects of plant pathology: farmers, phytosanitary inspectors, advisors, students, laboratories, scientists.

The most typical symptoms are shown. In all cases, the pathogen was isolated and identified from the plant specimens shown in the picture. In many cases a written record was produced.

For each pathogen, an accepted scientific name is given but it is necessary to take into consideration the current rapid changing in the nomenclature of bacteria.

In the Atlas, all the pictures without any indication are provided by Marco Scortichini. In the other cases, the donor is specified and acknowledged.

All pictures can be freely downloaded for educational purposes including oral presentations. Under no circumstances may profit be obtained from the utilization of the images.

In case of books, booklets, fact sheets and any kind of publication printed or online, the source must be quoted and the consent of the author(s) of the pictures must have been previously obtained.

Due to the continuous updating, this site has to be considered always in progress. Contributions are welcome. Thank you.


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